Network IP Camera
IP camera also known as network camera which comes with its inbuilt video server that can be connected to a router or switcher directly with network CAT-5 cable. IP camera allows authorized user(s) to view live video streaming via smartphone, tablet, PC or Notebook. Video can be recorded on-site (LAN) and more importantly off-site via Internet (WAN), away from the perils of the in-situ harmful elements. extensive range of network IP cameras and servers are suitable for applications including home, retail shop, office, factory, hotel, bank, school, institution, construction site etc.

Network Video Recorder
The function of Network Video Recorder (NVR) is to record the video stream on to the in-build hard disk and to  remote access to live video streams from network IP cameras. NVR is an IP based gear, hence it can be managed remotely via Local Area Network or over the Internet. NVR comes in 2 forms; software based NVR which required a PC to host the software and a standalone type.

Network IP Accessories
Network IP accessories are devices that are used to complement or enhance the Network IP surveillance system.
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